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Business Ownership Goalz and Guidelines for People With Disabilities

Starting a small business from home can be a great way to earn a living if you are living with a disability. For one thing, you can set your own schedule and spend time with your family. For another, you can create your own accessible workspace. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, you can bypass dealing with discrimination in hiring at other companies. There are many wonderful business opportunities out there for you to pursue, too, so if this sounds like something that would work well for you, read on to learn more about how to get your own business up and running.

Good business ideas for people with disabilities.

As an individual with a disability, some businesses may be more challenging to run than others, but if your heart is set on a particular idea or industry, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t pursue it. Still, there are some businesses that tend to be a good fit for people who are at home with kids, as well as for entrepreneurs with disabilities. Ideally, the business you choose will allow you to set your own hours, stay home as much as possible, and avoid situations that could cause extra stress due to your disability. Marketing, web design, editing, accounting, and graphic design are all business options that you can pursue on your own terms without excessive risk.

Studying the market.

Having a good idea for a business you can get excited about is important, but before you proceed with it, check to be sure it’s viable. If you’re planning on creating an online business, you are less restricted by geographical markets, but you still need to be sure there’s a demand for what you plan to offer, and not a glut of competition.

Drafting your business plan.

Once you’ve got a good idea for a business, you should write up a business plan. A business plan is more than just a template for your launch, however. It will serve as a guideline as you operate your business, and also as a calling card if you approach lenders or grant providers with a request for funding. A good business plan will lay out the basics of your business’s place in the industry and state your primary business objectives. It should include an analysis of the competition and lay out your basic budget and financial projections. You should also clarify your intended business structure.

Funding and grants for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities tend to start and run businesses at a higher rate than those who do not have disabilities. And if you’re thinking about joining their ranks, there are various grants available to help you. Check out the Small Business Administration to see what is available in the way of grant money, as well as loans from private lenders. Other sources for business loans for persons with disabilities include the Abilities Fund and the Minority, Women, and Disabled Participation Loan Program, among others. You may also qualify for certain loans to assist with accessibility.

Marketing your new business.

Before you start marketing your business, refer back to the analysis you did earlier, because it will help you identify where your target audience can be found. Then you should figure out how best to reach that audience. Email campaigns? Social media? Or even more traditional advertising methods such as radio or newspaper ads? And don’t limit yourself just to advertisements, but engage your audience with interactive posts, events, and promotions. Do keep in mind that running a good promotion is more than just posting an ad for it; you will need to plan it in advance, and possibly contact different media outlets.

Operating your own business on your own terms can be freeing and empowering. Plus, it means more time for other areas of your life, less time commuting, and getting to call your own shots. And for entrepreneurs with disabilities, you can create your own personalized and accessible work area. There’s a lot to love about entrepreneurship, and if you want more great business-related content and ideas, check out the Free Goalz site.

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