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So Boom!

So boom! I know ya'll are getting sick of my shinanigans, or lack thereof. As you know, the day and the life of a corporatepreneur never stops but that's no excuse for my being MIA. I'll have to do better with updating content going forward. Noted! In the meantime, I have three important updates: (*clears throat*)

First - We did it! Remember when we made a goal to build 100 hygiene bags for our favorite non-profit organization, Hope Vibes? Well, we reached our goal and then some! Thank you to everyone that donated money or items and re-shared our posts.

Congratulations to Carnisha for winning the drawing! -------- $25 Apple Gift Card and Somewhere, Innabag face Mask

Also, you might recall the Tik Tok contest we ran to promote the new YouTube channel intro song, Somewhere Innabag?

Congratulations to Diamond for winning! There was suppose to be a second winner but she is the only one who participated LOL. Her video was super dope though! She won $50 straight to her Cash App. Want a chance to win a prize? Stay locked in to catch our next promotional contest.

Last but not least, we have new merch available. Go cop some motivational drip!

Thank you all so much for your continued love and support Goalz & Gainz Gang!

Follow me on all the things @tat_goalz and subscribe for more motivation/entrepreneur/lifestyle content.

Stay tuned! <3

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