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Tat Goalz' YouTube Takeover 2020 - Edited

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

New content every other Friday! #buyblackfridays #somewhereinnabag #freegoalz

If you want to follow the journey of an up and coming young millionaire, make sure you visit my new channel. A very bold statement, I know; but we believe in manifesting and speaking things into existence over here, on the gang! Hit that subscribe button and turn on those notifications. I work a 9-5, have multiple streams of income, live my very millennial lifestyle and look good doing it! I'm humble, I promise lol. However, I'm aware I'm lit! I code-switch, because I can be both corporate and live in my truth, so everything I say is 100 percent facts. Oh and did I mention that I'm motivating you as I go and grow? No cut, no chase! Juuuuu heeearrrrrrd. Im from the 2-6, not from NY, despite my colorful lingo. (Long Story) Any who, see yall in my next video! Goalz & Gainz Gang unite!

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