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The "New' Black" Wall Street - A Speech by Tat Goalz at Black Queenz City Black History Month Event

Moment of transparency. This was my first speaking engagement in a LONG time. It felt great to get back to doing what I love but I was super nervous and left out some pieces. Luckily, I'm the only one who noticed! If you have to speak, remember, Nine times out of 10 you were invited because you're looked at as a subject matter expert. Nine times out of 10, most people in the room want to hear what you have to say and want you to win. So take a deep breath, relax and just have a natural conversation. Any who, that's my Tat Talk for today. See full speech below as it was INTENDED to have been shared LOL. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Buy Black?

A Black Queenz City Pop Up Message in Honor of Black History Month

What’s going on Black Queenz City vendors and patrons. It’s a beautiful day to buy black. But then again, EVERY day is a beautiful day to buy black.

If you can hear me and you’re feeling good, lemme hear you say Yooooooooooooo. - Yoooooooooooo Okay, good. Ya’ll passed the vibe check. I’m glad everyone is having a great time shopping at the hottest pop-up shop in the city. – Black Queenz City.

Before we jump into this good motivational message that I’ll be sharing with ya’ll today, I have something very important to say. (Clears throat) Hey Mama! Hey Granny! (LOL) What’s up to the rest of the Goalz gang in the building. It wouldn’t be a Black Queenz City message if I didn’t shout out the beautiful black queenz here that made the successful person you see speaking before you today.

My name is Tatiana Colorado - a.k.a - Tat Goalz “Your Fav Corporatepreneur.” Many are often curious about what that means exactly. I work for a corporation by day but am an entrepreneur by night. I have a motivational blog called, help start and scale small businesses through brand consulting as well as engage in a few other streams of income. A corporatepreneur is essentially someone who works a “9-5” while simultaneously working on their own business ventures. Some of you are corporatepreneurs or full-time entrepreneurs. Others aspire to be busines owners but might not know how or where to start. And the rest of ya’ll are here to support the movement.

Today, I’m here to talk to you about why it’s dangerous to have all of us in the same room together. Business owners. Every single one of you are a household name brand in the making. Did you know that the luxury brand, Gucci, was founded in 1921? And you know what else happened in 1921? Greenwood District, also known as, Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Oklahoma was burned to the ground by neighboring white people, in a very dark and twisted Jim Crowe era. Black wall street was an economic mecca full of flourishing black businesses – demolished in less than 24 hours and left to their own devices to rebuild from the ashes, brick by brick. Why you ask? Well, that’s a whole other speech for a whole other day .

Fast forward - generations later and here you are, at the Black Queenz City Pop Up, flourishing DESPITE of, just as your ancestors did. Do not compare yourself to brands like Gucci because those brands had decades of a head start and 0 systemic issues to oppress them. So, if you’re here as a vendor today, that is something to be very much proud of. If no one else has told you today, I’m proud of you. You are your ancestor’s wildest dreams. If you have a dream, what are you waiting for? If you needed a sign, this is it. Look around you. You have an entire community that wants to see you win. You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Some of us are in competition with the very people that were sent to us to network and build with. As my good friend Tati would say, “at Black Queenz City, everybody eats.” Do not listen to any negative self-talk. It is literally in your DNA to be legendary. Everyone shopping today is contributing to the movement every time you buy black. When allies ask what they can do; let them know that they too, can buy black. Not just during Black History Month, but 365 days a year. We need to look towards our neighbors, our family and our friends before purchasing elsewhere. Buying black is not an action, it’s a lifestyle.

So yeah, it is dangerous for all of us to be in this very room because we are in a time where we are realizing that what we create can never be truly destroyed, because it’s a state of mind.

Black Queenz City is one of MANY present-day extensions of Greenwood. Let’s work together to continue building the new Black Wall Street. Black history happens daily. We are black history. You are black history. Thank you for your time today.

I’m Tatiana Colorado, your Fav Corporatepreneur. Please come by and take a picture with me at my free manifestation station photo booth when you get a chance. Happy Black History Month!!

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